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Hi there -

I'm Kristin! Owner of Belva Prints | Earth-Friendly Boutique.

In January of 2019, I became more aware of my plastic intake and wanted to learn more about how I could lower my carbon footprint. I would spend hours and hours just reading articles to educate myself on plastic pollution and how human's actions are affecting nature tremendously.

Now you may think, well everyone is starting to hop on this eco-friendly bandwagon. I get it, I have those thoughts about myself as well. And I'm still learning and not completely plastic-free, but that's OK! Any action is better than just sitting still :)

I started Belva Prints with one thought behind it: To create a culture where humans and nature can coexist. I believe that I could, but admittedly it has been difficult to find products and solutions to questions that I have that truly benefit the environment and humans as well.

I know that change can be tough and mostly overwhelming; I was feeling this way when I kept hearing about what was going on with our environment. Fast forward to today: 1. I am still researching ways that I can improve my plastic intake. 2. I am excited to be awareness to my community about everyday things that we can do to be better! Along with talk with others to see how they are making a change 3. I look forward to making sustainable life changing in my life and sharing them all with you here!

Until next time my earth-lovin' family -


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